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A message from Democrats Abroad UK Coordinator dated January 10, 2008:

Yes, it IS a good morning, all,

First, supporters in the States saw such promise in the results in New Hampshire that they have bolstered the campaign in substantial ways. Let me count them:

1) The single strongest union in Nevada gave Senator their endorsement. The culinary workers not only hit Clinton where it hurts–her Union cred–but promise to deliver a formidable voting block to Barack.

2) The popular mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin endorsed him as well, having said she would stay neutral. Her emphatic declaration on his behalf (“I am 150 percent in favor of him”) will move voters to the polls in that State’s primary.

3) The mighty pipefitters union in South Carolina has come out for Barack Obama. Again, another union blow for HRC. And he has picked up the endorsement of several popular legislators there as well.

4) In the hours after the New Hampshire results were announced, Barack Obama’s website registered roughly half a million dollars in new contributions, many from first time donors.

So this campaign is not only alive and kicking…but, alive and prepared to….well, you can complete that thought, in the spirit of this campaign, as you think most civil…

Many of you wrote to me yesterday asking how you can help at this point. You know that the campaign needs money, not only to meet staff payroll and cover advertising costs but to signal the persistent strength of our support.


But now we need votes, too. If the race continues to be as close as it has been, the delegates apportioned to Democrats Abroad may be, for the first time in history, decisive. You can help ensure they???re our delegates. Here’s how:

Register for the global caucus today…before January 31st, at any rate, at http://www.democratsabroad.org. Choose the country where you reside, then go to its link and choose the links to register. You will have to indicate whether you will be voting by e-mail, in person (locations are listed), by fax or by post. Please don’t delay: do it today!

Finally, there’s no time like the present to request your absentee ballot. Even if you vote in the Global Caucus now, you will have to vote in the state where you last lived come November. It’s easy. And gratifying. Go to http://www.votefromabroad.org.

One more thing…”Yes we Can.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can also check out this site:


    (Though it is not the same thing as voting for real, of course)

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